Time Ahead And Behind

Where our journey started and where we are going


Our end goal is to have the following become reality:

  • A cohesive global community of professionals and partner organizations continuously addressing local problems.
  • Millions of lives improved through solutions implemented locally.
  • A strong problem solving culture is developed in Africa. 


Here are some of  our key milestones in the coming months and years. 

  Have 12+ vibrant and output-driven chapters by Q4 2020
  Hire 5+ fulltime staff by Q4 2020
  Enter a partnership with 5+ global Tech/Engineering based companies by Q2 2021
  Raise $2.5M+ in funding by Q2 2021
  Hire an Executive Director by Q2 2021
  Execute a limited version of our pilot projects by Q1 2021
  Increase partnership to 10k+ organizations by Q1 2022
  Increase membership to 250k+ by Q1 2022


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